b-congruent is not just your typical web agency

Local start-up offers tailor-made solutions to e-commerce businesses


Do you want your business to thrive in the digital age? Then having a bullet-proof e-commerce platform is vital. If you’re unsure where to begin or how to maintain your website for optimal results, the new Malta-based start-up company, b-congruent, is here to help.

Offering three primary services, b-congruent is helping companies run a successful e-commerce platform from any stage of their operations. From launching a new e-commerce business from scratch, to optimising current procedures of an existing business and even improving on a company’s performance to achieve higher returns, b-congruent will ensure that your platform is on the path to success.

After years of working within the e-commerce space, b-congruent founder Rimante Bagdonaite noticed that many companies did not live up to the image they were portraying online. This often leads to dissatisfied customers and inefficient processes, resulting in less than desirable returns.

“b-congruent was set up to help small– to medium–sized e-commerce businesses achieve the best results possible in the most efficient and effective way using a breadth-and-depth approach,” says Rimante. “Think of it as an X-ray for your business – we will uncover all the aspects that need fixing beneath the surface.”

Whether you’re offering a service or a product through your online platform, b-congruent can help you achieve the success you desire. The team is composed of a network of professionals, skilled in building high-functioning e-commerce websites with a strong online presence. They can provide in-depth analyses of your website’s current state, focusing on areas that are central to digital marketing including SEO, online advertising and trust building. They can also help you optimise your business by reviewing and updating standard operating procedures and inventory management.

But, b-congruent is more than just a typical web agency. The team strives to work with clients to ensure that their brands live up to their full potential,  deliver on their promises and achieve congruence.

When working with b-congruent, clients can be guaranteed that the team will select the right technological tools to help businesses manage their resources more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, a thorough review and optimisation of internal processes will ensure that businesses maximize their return on investment.

b-congruent seeks to empower clients to be able to manage their platform independently and confidently, rather than rely on their services after the project’s completion. The company also aims to help clients become more conscious when making technology-related decisions, ensuring that their e-commerce business is sustainable.

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