Analysis shows Uniglo (GLO) protocol has key similarities to Apecoin (APE) and LidoDAO (LDO)

There’s no end to innovation in the crypto market, as we witness stiff competition in an emerging space with a lot of potential


The year 2022 has given us more than a handful of reasons to invest in an ecosystem that safeguards investor money.

Uniglo came into existence amid turbulent market conditions, when there was a need to have a digital currency immune to volatility. The protocol houses a wide range of valuable cryptocurrencies, tangible assets, and NFTs to survive market fluctuations.

Expert analysts compare Uniglo with other popular DAO protocols like ApeCoin and LidoDAO, where the native governance token holders can make collective decisions. This is made possible by community voting, where everyone will have their say on fund allocations, token burns, rule framing, developments, and partnerships.

How does Uniglo work as a community-focused platform?

The lack of a stable asset class in the crypto space is a massive demoralizing factor for those trying to get their foot through the door. The concept of social currency may not be new, but Uniglo is slightly different in the way it backs the currency with tangible and intangible assets.

This protocol will run on a DAO mechanism where every decision will be taken after arriving at a consensus through governance voting. Revenues generated by the protocol will be utilized to accumulate more digital and NFT assets.

Just like APE and LDO, the $GLO project has its own ultra-burn mechanism, where the profits are allocated toward buying back and burning the tokens. Uniglo goes a step ahead by also implementing a 2% burn on every buy/sell transaction that takes place on its network.

By doing this, the protocol aims to create a continuous cycle of value appreciation by creating scarcity and expanding assets that back the floor price of GLO. The growth and the development of the project are completely in the hands of the community, where the primary objective is to become a hedge against volatility.

GLO token holders can participate in airdrops, purchase selected NFTs, buy merchandise, and even attend physical and virtual conferences in the future. With such attributes on offer, Uniglo is all set to take the path of success like ApeCoin and LidaDAO.

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