Which mobile payment providers operate on MGA licensed casinos?

It is important to choose a payment method that is trusted, secure and right for you


When it comes to online casinos, there are some licensing bodies that are more sought after than others. Among the top authorities is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) which lends its services to some of the world’s top online casino sites. 

Thanks to this stellar reputation, casinos using the Malta Gaming Authority are often among the most respected in the world. This has led to an influx of top mobile payment providers seeking to lend their wares to these sites. From Apple Pay to Paypal and beyond, there are plenty of exciting ways to play at MGA licensed casinos.

In this article, we will look at which mobile payment providers operate on MGA licensed casinos. From newcomers to old school classics, we will consider them all right here!

So, without further ado, let’s consider the first payment provider on our list of the best to serve Malta Gaming Authority casino sites.

Apple Pay

Among the planet’s most exciting mobile payment providers currently in existence, Apple Pay is a high level offering that has a key advantage against competition. Namely, Apple Pay is the standard method of payment favoured by users of Apple products, including the iPhone, Macbook, iMac and Apple watch. This means that those using Apple Pay do so with the backing of one of the planet’s richest and most powerful tech companies, so you can be sure it is super safe!

At MGA casinos such as 10bet and others, Apple Pay is a popular method of depositing cash. Fast, secure and efficient, it leaves players with the chance to pay for their gaming in style.

Pay by phone bill

Today, gamers at MGA casino sites have the option to pay by their phone bill for their casino gaming.

This fresh way of putting money into your account works by tagging your overall spend onto your upcoming mobile bill. This makes for a ‘play now, pay later’ model, which is of course extremely attractive to many players.

Still not convinced? Check out some top websites that offer reviews of casinos providing for this exciting method.


PayPal has long been a top player in the arena of the quickly shifting online payment world. Shifting from an unknown name that plenty of people were not privy to not so long ago to the biggest company in the online payment sphere today, PayPal is up there with some of the best business stories of the modern era. With over 200 million individuals now subscribing to Paypal across the planet, this is one beast of an online payment method and it is available at the vast majority of MGA licensed casinos.

Overall, it is safe to say that MGA licensed casinos offer a wide range of mobile payment methods for gamers to use. Fast, safe and secure, mobile payment is the future of casino deposits in the eyes of many.

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