Comprehensive solution for launching an online casino business

The online gambling industry is growing daily, with more customers taking advantage of large game varieties. New iGaming sites are also coming up daily, with operators lining up to offer services and make a profit


The business of starting an online casino from scratch takes a lot. Money, consistent efforts, and most importantly, time to develop a good plan. Many operators may not have the luxury of time to build a business model, and they turn to iGaming consultants to create a white label solution. Most top-rated gaming platforms are products of a white label plan, steadily taking over the market. 

What is a White Label?

A white label is a service or product designed by one company and sold to another with all the copyrights. New companies can brand the product as its genius idea. The white label casino is one of the top options an operator chooses when looking to get into the iGaming industry. He can either go for a complete platform from scratch, with expenses and time capital, or purchase a top-end white label solution and build on it. 

It's a safe option for those with a short time frame and tight budget. Using the white label solution, operators will get a complete package; a preset game collection of games, bonuses, payment methods, etc. This option is flexible, and tools can be added and removed at will. 

How Does White Label Work?

When an operator chooses the white label option, several iGaming consulting companies offer such services. The company takes orders and asks specific questions. 

  • What the domain name and server will be
  • The website and mobile app development
  • Cyber security protection. Here, comprehensive questions will be asked on the type of security software installed. 
  • The state of the backend system and admin privileges. 
  • Data analysis and analytics. 
  • Several casino games and variants. What type of games will be available: slots, table games, live casino, video poker, etc. 
  • Technical and legal support
  • Different payment methods to be added. 

The purchasing company's background will also be considered, along with the operations, organisation structure, and the technical team. A quote on the company will also be taken to get an idea of the company's budget. 

Don't forget that custom design is also essential. The user experience is crucial in attracting new customers to the website. Design and aesthetics are also relevant when developing a white label solution. 

Benefits of White Label Solution

The advantages of using a white label system for your online casino are enormous. Asides from getting a fully launched online casino in two-three months, a white label solution offers the following:

  • Top-rated banking options involving popular and reliable payment merchants. 
  • An affiliate system to build your promotions campaign on.
  • A dedicated bonus system that matches the demands of modern online gamblers.
  • Over 3,000 casino games have already been installed by the best software providers in the industry
  • An executive and well-secured back office with admin privileges.
  • Many custom templates to choose from. 
  • Multiple currencies to work with
  • Licensing from the best regulatory bodies. 
  • Saves time and considerable funds
  • Variety of options in terms of design to choose from. 

Why Building an Online Casino from Scratch may not be the Best

Some operators may prefer to start a solution from scratch. While this may sound like a noble idea, it poses multiple risks:

  • Getting an online solution from the ground up may be copying from already established iGaming sites. This could lead to wasted time, effort, and serious legal consequences. 
  • The online gambling industry is continuously evolving and needs people who can build on trends and create a genius product for you. 

Wrap Up

White label is the most comprehensive and easy way to launch an online casino in the shortest time possible. It takes the stress of generating a solution for your iGaming site and offers a winning situation.

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