SOFTSWISS implementing innovation: Artificial Intelligence in online casino design

Artificial Intelligence is the next-level approach in iGaming project design, states the SOFTSWISS team. The company actively uses innovative tools in creating visuals for clients’ online casinos


Implementing AI into the daily design work has been a breakthrough for the WebStudio, which works on the full cycle of creating projects for SOFTSWISS clients. The innovative approach allows to go beyond the ordinary for online casino design templates, adding uniqueness to client projects. 

Advantages of using AI

The designers’ proficiency in AI allows to create high-quality visuals quickly. Designs produced using AI stand out by their advantages for clients and online casino players due to their uniqueness and brand style compliance, giving designers more time to work on the user-friendly interface. 

As a result, player acquisition and engagement rates increase thanks to a more accessible interfaces and eye-catching graphics. Before implementing AI in design work, creating the first design layouts took several weeks, and the client options were less abundant. Now, the client can pick from multiple design options, while the design team can quickly iterate on required changes.

Winning combination of creativity and technology 

Based on the clients’ needs, the designer creates different queries for the AI program, which allows to generate images. that's why designers need not only learn how to generate correct queries and refine them but also regularly practise these commands with AI. This helps train the tool and extend its capabilities. Afterwards, designers improve the generated image: elements and details, image quality, proportions, colours, and much more. This means the design created by AI is not the final result but the foundation for further creativity.

Motivation is stronger than fear 

The WebStudio creators are not afraid that AI will replace them in designing online casino projects. Olga Ivanchik, Head of WebStudio, notes that Artificial Intelligence in design is only an auxiliary tool, an additional step to enable more freedom in creative work. Furthermore, new possibilities opened with AI, inspired designers who are motivated to improve their skills with innovative tools.

“Designers suggest the initial idea and generate queries for the program. This requires creativity, inspiration, and imagination. Someone (or something) without sufficient background knowledge cannot create a truly unique project that will be visually pleasing and fully convenient for the player to use. This requires human imagination and the unique experience that comes with practice. And the synergy of a talented designer and a multifunctional tool gives maximum results in minimal time,” comments Olga.

WebStudio is a department responsible for creating the frontend designs for online casinos for SOFTSWISS clients, from the initial idea to launching the finished project. The experience of using advanced technologies and research in this area has started the process of creating an Innovation Department within the studio.

About SOFTSWISS | SOFTSWISS is an international iGaming company supplying certified software solutions for managing gambling operations. The expert team, which counts 1,400 employees, is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia, and Belarus.  SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licences and provides one-stop-shop iGaming software solutions. The company has a vast product portfolio, including the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.

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