Life at LeoVegas

Since 2012, LeoVegas has gone from a completely unknown brand with a zero customer base to be the fastest growing mobile gaming company and the market leader in mobile casino. MaltaToday spoke to Sarah Yorston, Head of HR - Malta for LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group, about how the company looks after its employees and some of the benefits they enjoy

Sarah Yorston
Sarah Yorston

Can you give me a brief history of LeoVegas?

LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group was founded in 2011 by Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson. It started off with an idea to revolutionise the gaming industry using smartphones as a platform.

We are now not only successful in the casino vertical, but also in live casino and sports betting. Our success has relied on a close-knit tech team working with the latest mobile technology, strategic marketing and, of course – a lot of passion.

Today we have around 900 employees, offices across Europe and LeoVegas was also listed on the Swedish Stock Market in 2016. During the past few years we have purchased companies such as Royal Panda and in order to grow internationally in regulated markets and to bring in a new type of know-how.

What is everyday life like for your employees in Malta?

Exciting and rewarding! Our employees have many opportunities to improve their skills and take on new challenges. Over the last couple of years, we have seen many employees advance quickly within the company.

We offer some of the best work benefits in the business. Fully paid private health insurance, sports allowance and fitness classes are amongst our most appreciated perks. In addition to that, we offer breakfast on Mondays, lunch on Fridays and a fully stocked healthy snack-bar all week long. We also organise regular fun and adventurous events throughout the year for staff.

We’ve been very socially active by supporting those causes which go beyond gaming; such as a lion sanctuary in Africa, beach clean-ups in Malta, Women’s Career Day and Malta Pride.

Many gaming companies invest heavily in recruitment. What is LeoVegas doing to strengthen its recruitment drive?

Getting the right people on board is key for us. I’m proud to say that we act as a global recruitment agency for the whole group and in doing so we can attract talent from all parts of the world and offer roles in our offices across Europe.

Going forward, we will focus more on using social media to reach talent globally and we will also continue to test and evaluate other digital channels. In brief, we aim to use some of the marketing tactics which have made LeoVegas successful, to attract talent instead of customers.

Talented individuals today have a wide variety of options to choose from, which means companies need to be clear and transparent with what they offer as an employer. Salaries and benefits are seldom the main driver of loyalty, the real winners in the “war on talent” are the employers who can offer an environment catered to personal growth, where responsibility and adventure align.

What are the next steps for LeoVegas?

LeoVegas is living an exciting period right now since there are so many initiatives taking place. For example, we are soon launching the People Growth Dialogue, a tool which makes it easy for employees and managers to set goals and give feedback.

Here in Malta, we are completely refurbishing our Sliema office. We’ve worked closely with interior designers to create a fun and functional working environment with plenty of space for social gatherings and events. The refurbishment will be completed by May and I’m sure the office will look amazing.

We’re also developing internal tools in many departments, which will create more time to focus on innovation. In relation to this, we are enjoying great successes with automating and digitalising all areas of the business.

We look forward to growing into new markets and seeking fresh ideas to lead the way into the mobile future.

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