George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

The resurgence of crypto exuberance
Another thing that appears to concern crypto evangelists, are burning questions...
Grey clouds are looming over the financial services sector
The nation waits with bated breath the outcome of the Moneyval report and its...
End of silly season heightens an expectation of a COVID vaccine
Sadly, what goes up can come tumbling down and with the first case of...
One hopes for a rainbow once the storm subsides
Back home, we are still waiting for the resolution of the ill-fated deal which...
A mechanism for sanitising toxic assets of credit institutions
One hopes it takes the advice of the Chamber of Commerce to lower VAT rates in...
After bailing out the hospitality sector, should banks follow?
One hopes that sanity prevails and a branch and root reform is undertaken in...
A watershed of EU funds over the next seven years
This time, the majority of Malta’s allocation will come in the form of...
Red tape strangling post-COVID recovery
Is this a familiar warning sign that echoed so forcefully during the last...
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