George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Arid temperatures, power cuts may hit Malta
One must also acknowledge the technical, geographical and spatial barriers...
Bring a smile to Brazil social housing conundrum
Perhaps, with hindsight Brazil can teach us a lesson or two how to reduce the...
How Malta is losing its charm
The proliferation of dull concrete boxes with no aesthetic merit does not...
Malta's elections - A new confidence in governance.
Continued economic growth, effective social policies, and targeted support for...
Malta's dwindling population due to a low birth rate
It takes no genius or master statistician to warn us that such a low fertility...
PKF attending AFME Amsterdam event on sustainable Finance
Auditors, in turn are duty bound to report on clients that do not disclose the...
2024: A sustainable and corrupt-free economy will thrive
For three years, a non-discriminatory energy subsidy has been keeping energy...
Can we match Singapore’s economic miracle
Can Malta achieve its economic renaissance by becoming the flourishing...
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