George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

How to tame inflation and attract better visitors
It is obvious that if the global recovery picks up pace this year, the main...
Projections on a 2024 economy
Malta has the experience, the political will and capacity to rescue itself from...
Needed - supportive legislation to host renewable energy generation
It goes without saying that private investments in marine renewables are...
MTA attracts more tourists
Take a dip in our crystal-clear water where thousands of sea urchins previously...
Bangladesh - reflections on Malta as an immigration country
Having left the frying pan in their home town they arrive in Malta to face the...
Our man of steel running Air Malta
For this and other reasons, the man of steel navigating Air Malta needs all our...
Riding on a tiger carries with it dangers
One prays that Brussels gives permission for another tranche of state aid to...
Stepping into virtual or augmented reality
The EU is doing the right thing by adopting similar US strategies to build...
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