George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Corona pandemic gives a boost to innovation
One expects that in the near future, the exit path from lockdowns will be...
2020: A year which sets the cat among the pigeons
In Malta, with an ageing population and a growing trust gap between politicians...
Covid-19: a Damocles sword poised over our heads
In the meantime, the Damocles sword has sadly fallen on China. Clients of the...
Job solidarity helps  combat the corona curse
It is amazing how the golden years of Muscat’s seven-year spree of...
The War of the Worlds
This is anathema to inculcate a thriving economy. The solution of working at...
Hailing the Merits of National Productivity report
The medicine is bitter and enablers of the economy need strong nerves, good...
Malta’ reputation: polishing faded jewellery
Some say this is only a token gesture as the problem needs a higher allocation...
Economic growth is increasingly reliant on domestic demand
As in previous reports, more structural reforms are recommended to encourage...
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