George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Autumn heralds an end to “silly season”
Perhaps this massive and popular support will turn the tables in our favour...
The steady progress of China’s digital currency
In the near future, consumers may use prepaid funds in digital wallets to buy...
The revered monarch is laid to rest
The passing away of the much-loved British monarch may embolden us to face...
Is Malta ready for renewables and de-carbonisation?
Hopefully, this signals the government’s intention to seriously explore...
Austerity follows Russian audacity to invade
Sharply rising commodity prices reminds us ominously of the 1973 extreme...
A Singapore in the Med
Needless to say, the ecological significance of such meadows is well known in...
Riding on a tiger carries with it grave dangers
One hopes that permission to grant another tranche of state aid is approved by...
An epitaph to Sophia the robot dancing the Blockchain dream
Perhaps we should consider involving 'Sophia', the female robot, to...
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