George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Electric cars for all... utopia now | PKF Malta
One hopes that the 2020 budget will announce further reductions in the...
Expanding the concept of bitpod | PKF Malta
In the coming years, the result will be nothing short of revolutionary paradigm...
UK out of the EU, “no ifs or buts”
Party apologists may argue that nobody knows which way the cookie will crumble,...
Waking up from a sunny California dream
Perhaps it is all a balmy Californian dream that we are living. Are we throwing...
Who said we are laid back during the silly season?
The silly season instils in us a nonchalance that moves us to focus more on the...
Artificial intelligence is spreading like wildfire
Artificial intelligence in machines can even replicate human judgments...
A new champion for start-ups
They tell us that we are lucky to enjoy stellar GDP growth and there is no need...
Site excavations -  avoiding a close shave
Today, hardly anyone follows this rule and all excavations in the rock...
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