George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Shed no tears for the 'Think Small' crusade
One augurs the Commissioner for Simplification, takes a sprint in the...
Let the sunshine in
Cash strapped airlines and hotel chains yearn for the return of open skies...
A cumbersome yet practical monorail solution
The prime minister is more optimistic that with an efficient nation-wide...
MFSA: Retooling, not old wine  in new bottles
Retooling the MFSA will enable it to assess the full product financial...
A look at international COVID-19 rescue packages
This looks generous but the question that arises is - are workers living from...
Killing emissions using  driverless electric cars
Many now see technology firms as being better placed than carmakers to develop...
Can COVID-19 mutate into a more lethal variant?
The coronavirus has taken a tighter grip on the world’s population and...
Is Malta a laggard in fighting climate change?
Without any doubt, apart from nuclear power, the use of green hydrogen is the...
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