George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Can tiny Malta be a significant player in climate change?
In Malta, a policy simply fitting more panels on rooftops looks easy but the...
Sherlock Holmes investigates a case of vanishing workers
Moving on the main topic of missing or vanishing workers, Sherlock need not...
Needed – a reform in the education platform
Studies reveal how early school leaving requires a long-term response with...
Wistfully riding on a tiger
Naturally due to Covid restrictions freight costs have soared and prices of...
The myth of digital nomads
If Malta improves its own internet speeds, provides affordable social rent...
MCESD - What are the chances of attracting multinationals?
Such a post-COVID-19 revolution allows businesses to implement a digital...
A bullish rally in the property market
As reiterated in the Djar Report, it affirms how promises of sale levels have...
A golden fleece and umbrageous passports
Now the IIP scheme has been rebranded and unceremoniously buried. The irony is...
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