George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Oil hitting $100, Ukraine crisis and business recovery
The alarm was triggered after the White House warned Americans should leave...
Proposed EU Commission directive on shell companies
Tax advisers in Malta will have a tough job to screen their clients and...
Will 2022 be a year of innovation?
Can we in Malta rest on our laurels that the manufacturing sector is slowly...
Free market or state-targeted price interventions
Nothing is cast in stone and only time will tell if an effective cure to fight...
Have you filed for DAC6?
Ideally, intermediaries make good use of proven technology to speed up what may...
2030: A travelogue cautions us to be contrite
Thanks to advances in communications, the `Illuminati’ can enjoy an...
Covid Grinch plans to steal Christmas
The cautious mood taken by a number of countries makes us fear that Christmas...
Omicron, stress and mental health
One must try and avoid the conundrum that some employers have little incentive...
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