George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Dr Robert Abela, lift our sunken treasure chest
Success will breed more success but Dr Abela must pluck up courage to focus our...
The fable of the bees
The poem teaches us a lesson. In Malta, that skillful politicians originally...
Welcome a new prime minister - we can do i
Surely if Dr Fearne is elected prime minister, he would be well advised to hone...
Protecting our heritage
Let us halt developers’ greed, wanting to turn the island into a concrete...
Withdrawal of Manoel Island deal may be the first casualty
They simply said it cannot wait anymore; the economy and domestic market...
Mass tourism may push visitor count to over three million
We need to ask, can we expect high quality tourists when there are obtrusive...
Air and noise pollution - and the need to safeguard against both
Other European studies have also shown that air pollution in Malta causes the...
Oil fortunes - our skeleton  in the cupboard
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