George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

How is Malta gearing up  for the EU's Green Deal?
Considering our highly mobilized community, the advent of a booming tourism...
Tourism - an ecosystem on steroids
So, the question remains - are we poised to capitalize on an outstanding...
Taking the horse to the water
The ultimate objective was for the government to assist CIC open a business...
Is it time to officially recognise menstrual leave?
Protecting the mental well-being of employees should be the number one priority...
After the pandemic, a feel-good factor returns
After the turbulent pandemic days, let us celebrate our feel-good factor while...
Announcing harm reduction associations - a novelty in Malta
Protesters in Malta against the law stressed that regulations are vague where...
Carlos Moreno - dreaming of our 15-minute city
Moreno says achieving the 15-minute city requires 'deconstructing the...
Is COLA adjustment enough to quash poverty?
With this background in mind, the study set out to inquire into what is...
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