George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

2024 - the challenges of a fast economy
Focusing on the recent inflation readings across the world these led to a...
Symbolism and themes  in 'O Fortuna'
Nobody can foretell what is coming in the future but prepare to tighten our...
An RFP to receive competitive bids on a power purchase agreement
As had happened locally for Electrogas’ nuanced selection saga, next year...
Facing the challenges in COP28
One thing stands out clear - it looks clear that if the world does not triple...
High interest rates and subsidised energy prices
Ideally, let us revert to meritocracy and drop cronyism to achieve positive...
After the largesse, expect hidden taxes to balance debt
In conclusion, these are troubling times with global uncertainties such as the...
Hailing a true democracy sharing wealth equitably
By the way, the Commission has already warned us to change to...
A vision of fabless manufacturing projected in 2024 budget
To conclude, one augurs that budget 2024 succeeds in its new vision to attract...
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