George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

A golden fleece and umbrageous passports
Now the IIP scheme has been rebranded and unceremoniously buried. The irony is...
Next Malta summit to embrace AI evangelists
Whether you are looking to connect, learn, share, or work, Bit-Pod offers a...
Herd immunity is a precursor to normality
In truth, businesses who applied for bridging finance from banks at...
Pencil buildings, inflation and elections
Paradoxically, politicians are unlikely to be punished or rewarded for their...
Rise of a digital yuan currency
The general feeling in the West is that there is little chance that a digital...
Election blues, elderly homes  and mechanisms
Malta will eventually get its share and needs to plan wisely how best to...
Of all COVID-19 measures, touch deprivation could be a problem
The pandemic presents a unique challenge to societies all over the globe. ...
Be careful what you wish for
The wish of ACE is to immediately reopen restaurants, issue cash vouchers,...
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