George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

The S in ESG - the waning relevance of a basic income
The temporary taste of its sweetness is quickly forgotten as the plague of...
Wanted - tighter oversight on banks
As a government-controlled bank (the state holds the largest share) it has made...
Floating wonders, energy horizons and burning fossil fuels
ese things can take as long as a decade to establish, and right now, the slow...
PKF - a successful renewables and ESG conference
We wish her all our support and humbly pass our contacts for her ministry to...
Italy: fiscal probity, lower taxes and hydrogen
It goes without saying that Italy is a sunny country, and solar energy is an...
How is Malta gearing up  for the EU's Green Deal?
Considering our highly mobilized community, the advent of a booming tourism...
Tourism - an ecosystem on steroids
So, the question remains - are we poised to capitalize on an outstanding...
Taking the horse to the water
The ultimate objective was for the government to assist CIC open a business...
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