George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Minister Miriam Dalli maps out our energy future
A reality check makes us notice how unbridled growth damages the island and...
Busy... searching for Lawrence of Arabia
Malta needs such a prolific and honest leader, ideally a second Prometheus who...
All eligible companies must tailor exact measurements for ESG
Perhaps at the eleventh hour, local banks and the Development bank will be...
ESG remains at the top of our agenda
Collectively, we conjured this mess for one clear reason. Behind this wave of...
The S in ESG - the waning relevance of a basic income
The temporary taste of its sweetness is quickly forgotten as the plague of...
Wanted - tighter oversight on banks
As a government-controlled bank (the state holds the largest share) it has made...
Floating wonders, energy horizons and burning fossil fuels
ese things can take as long as a decade to establish, and right now, the slow...
PKF - a successful renewables and ESG conference
We wish her all our support and humbly pass our contacts for her ministry to...
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