George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

2030: A travelogue cautions us to be contrite
Thanks to advances in communications, the `Illuminati’ can enjoy an...
Covid Grinch plans to steal Christmas
The cautious mood taken by a number of countries makes us fear that Christmas...
Omicron, stress and mental health
One must try and avoid the conundrum that some employers have little incentive...
Omicron, Delta and the office rental market
The commercial developments listed above are not an exhaustive list of office...
Mental well-being and the impact of Covid
Increasing awareness at work about maintaining positive mental health can be...
Is eating out still affordable?
Definitely in this pandemic age, the option to book lunch outside is tempting...
An initiation to champagne  and caviar tourism
Many tourism evangelists have been reassuring us that Malta can succeed to...
Paradise regained - a gas pipeline to Italy
With a sense of deja vu, we lament for the lost opportunity yet now can console...
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