George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Asia flexing muscles in the race for AI
Imagine how in the next decade, there will be robots which are efficient and...
Teva - the battle of the opioids | PKF Malta
To attract international business we must be ready to help build a top-end...
2020 ushers in the EU’s 5th AML directive | PKF Malta
This directive reacts to these risks through several key amendments, partially...
Budget 2020 - notice the hike in restaurant costs | PFK Malta
In a nutshell, restaurants located in prime sites are facing problems such as...
A paradigm shift  in zero emission cars | PKF Malta
Noble efforts have been made to remove registration tax on electric cars (not...
Youth protests during UN climate change meetings | PKF Malta
One expects that youth leadership will have a strong impact on government to...
Singapore leads the world in land reclamation | PFK Malta
Realistically for a small island state of 316 square kilometres with a total...
Demystifying decentralised autonomous organisations | PKF Malta
Dash is a cryptocurrency unlike most others because it is neither a development...
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